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Monica Film Center, 7:20pm, 28 October, 2023

We Started Together

(Együtt kezdtük)

2022, feature, drama, 101 minutes

’We Started Together’ dramatizes the conflicts of the 2020’s youth through the stories of a group of highschool classmates: Marci, Franciska, Ádi, Juli, Renátó, Benett, Geri, Gigi and Nóri. At their high school prom they promise each other to keep in touch, but life leads them to separate ways. Ten years later two of them are getting married and the gang meets up again at their wedding. Each guest carries their own secrets. Marci and Franciska are still looking for a goal in their life, Nóri and Benett got stuck in a bad relationship, Ádi became an addict and still bullies Geri, Juli is keeping her pregnancy a secret from the father of the baby: Renátó. At first, the wedding starts as a masquerade, where all participants are trying to put on a perfect show, but when one of the friends suffers a near fatal accident, they realize, they all need to stop the act and reveal their real selves.

Director: Yvonne Kerékgyártó
Scriptwriter: Bálint Szentgyörgyi, István O. Boros
Producer: Judit Romwalter, Csaba Pék
Co-Scriptwriter: Balázs Maruszki
Cinematographer: Tamás Babos
Music Composer: Máté Felcser
Editor: Gábor Péter Duszka
Sound Designer: Attila Tőzsér
Art Director: Gábor Valcz
Costumes: Diana Oehler
MAIN CAST with roles:
MARCI Balázs Jakab
FRANCISKA Sára Mosolygó
ÁDI Zsombor Kövesi
GIGI Kata Kanyó
BENETT Botond Lelkes
NÓRI Boglárka Koós
RENÁTÓ Márk Nagy
JULI Anna Mészöly
GERI Toma Hrisztov
JANI BÁ Zoltán Mucsi
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