Toldi poster

screening time

Monica Film Center, 5:00pm, 28 October, 2023


2022, feature, animation, 104 minutes

Miklós Toldi, an impulsive stripling, commits a careless murder and is forced to go into hiding. He sets out for Buda to dazzle the king with his courage and daring, and he earns both the ruler’s mercy and a knighthood. The film follows him on a journey full of adventures and intrigue between brothers, until young Toldi finally faces the great test, when he wins the recognition he has so long craved before the king.

Director: Marcell Jankovics, Lajos Csákovics
Scriptwriter: Marcell Jankovics (adaptation of the Hungarian epic tale Toldi by János Arany)
Producer: Ferenc Mikulás
Cinematographer: László Wimmer
Music Composer: György Selmeczi
Editor: Marianna Jónás
Sound Designer: Imre Madácsi
Tamás Széles narrator
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