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Daniel Takes a Train

(Szerencsés Dániel)

1982, feature, drama, 1h 29 min

In December 1956 there is a chaotic situation in Hungary. The revolution is put down by the Soviet army. People leave the country in large numbers for fear of revenge. A young soldier (György Angeli) who also took a part in the revolution, takes a train to Vienna together with his friend (Dániel Szerencsés).

It won the main prize at the 1983 Film Review and the critics’ prize at the Cannes Film Festival (FIPRESCI prize). Afterwards, in the eighties, films about 1956 or about the revolution could be made one after the other:Whooping cough,The other person,Eldorado. Although ’56, along with the Soviet occupation, was a taboo subject in Hungarian film, censorship eased from the eighties and directors were able to tell their personal stories about the revolution.

Director: Pál Sándor
Writer: András Mezei
Screenwriter: Zsuzsa Tóth
Cinematographer: Elemér Ragályi
Editor: Éva Kármentő
Music: György Selmeczi

Péter Rudolf
Ági Margitai
Tamás Major
Sándor Zsótér
Gyula Bodrogi
Mari Törőcsik


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