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Monica Film Center, 4:30pm, 29 October, 2023

Agoston Haraszthy

(Amerika magyar grófja)

2022, documentary, 59 minutes

The Count founded a town in Wisconsin; In 1850 he made his mark in Southern California as the first sheriff of San Diego; he was one of the managers of the gold smelter and mint in San Francisco, and then he was sued – and came out of the suit victoriously, glorified – until he arrived in Sonoma, probably the most wonderful wine-growing valley on earth.

If today he is apostrophized as the father of California’s grape and wine culture, it is not by chance – this documentary novel, supplemented with rich images, commemorates this incomparably adventurous and fruitful life journey that ended in a Nicaraguan river, most likely in the stomach of a crocodile.

Director: Tamás Széles
Producer: László Lipcsei
Cinematographer: Ferenc Papp, Norbert Renyó, Péter Széles
Screenplay: Tamás Széles
Editorial assistant: Anikó Nádasdi
Editor, animation: Ferenc Papp
Inserts: József Kapusi
Sound engineer: László Csengeri
Musical director: László Elek
Hungarian sound: MaRecord Sound Studio
Narrator: Tamás Garay Nagy
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